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New Moon Bird’s Nest With Collagen Rock Sugar 7 x 75g


New Moon Superior Bird’s Nest with Collagen & Rock Sugar is made from superior grade 100% genuine bird’s nest. It is an ideal food supplement for all ages. Collagen is added to boost regeneration of healthy skin cells, improves elasticity and promotes healthier radiant skin. New Moon Superior Bird’s Nest with Collagen & Rock Sugar is prepared according to traditional simmering process under modern and strictly controlled methods. It can be consumed directly from the bottle, chilled or warmed, according to individual preference. Benefit • Collagen promotes skin regeneration for firmer and refined skin Ingredients Water, Rock Sugar, Bird’s Nest, Bovine Collagen, Permitted Stabilisers Instructions Keep refrigerated after opening and consume within 12 hours. No Artificial Colouring. No Artificial Flavouring. No Preservatives.

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