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Gluematic 5000 Steinel Hot Glue Gun Tool


Model: Gluematic 5000 Steinel
Gluematic 5000 is an electronically controlled hot-melt glue gun with first-class melting performance and efficient storage of heat for cordless glueing work away from a power source.

The Gluematic 5000s encapsulated melting chamber serves a heat reservoir. If larger quantities of hot-melt adhesive need to be applied on a continuous basis, the power cord can also be plugged straight into the Gluematic 5000.

This cordless glue gun is ideal for all kinds of glueing work, such as assembling flower arrangements, fixing wooden dowels, sticking picture frames, making photo collages, sticking pots, model-making and a whole lot more.

Product benefits: 

  • Very high melting capacity.
  • Heat storage capability for cordless glueing.
  • Cordless and has a 220-240 V charging station with integrated drip tray.
  • Very high delivery rate at approx. 22g/min.
  • Warm-up time of only 3-5 minutes.
  • Exchangeable nozzles.
  • On placing the unit on the charging station, it automatically connects to power and starts heating the adhesive.
  • Electronic temperature control through modern PTC heating technology.
  • Power cord simply plugs into unit for continuous operation.
  • Energy-saving standby mode and electronically controlled dual heating system for short warm-up times.
  • Mechanical glue stick feeder for a speedy, well-metred flow of glue.
Dimensions: 185mm (length) x 32mm (width) x 180mm (height)
Weight: 0.114 kg

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